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Angus on Olivia

What were you hoping for?

Romance and an injection of enjoyment to jolt me personally off my lockdown program.

First impressions?

She is a hottie, with a backdrop worth a cupboard minister.

Just what do you talk about?

The leading pubs, her time in nyc, my own in Indonesia, murder mysteries (both classic and involving tigers), strategies for making friends with neighbors.

Any shameful minutes?

I do not consider We made much good sense while dropping off to sleep regarding couch by the end. It runs inside family members is actually my personal sole reason.

Good table manners?

Impeccable. Either she actually is an easy eater or I happened to be as well dedicated to my saag paneer because I never in fact watched the woman Chinese meals.

The length of time do you stick to the call?

Until merely previous 11. We moved on to sofas for Pictionary and beetalk quizzes.

Smartest thing about Olivia?

The woman is a truly authentic person, which managed to make it easy for me to relax into the time.

Do you present the woman your housemates?

Yes, my personal housemate played waiter in return for a cut associated with as well as an attempt to get a date along with her housemate.

Describe Olivia in three terms

Animated. Alluring. Astute.

What do you imagine she made of you?

We took it an accompany that I reminded her of a policeman from
Of Duty
. I simply hope my personal lockdown haircut did not depend against me personally.

Any link dilemmas?

Nothing. Plus we do have the most extremely unlikely mutual link with Saskatoon college medical center in Canada.

And… did you swap numbers?


How performed the call end?

Rushing back into our very own tables to stage the selfie we forgot previously!

Should you decide could alter something concerning night, what would it is?

Established personal norms based on how to finish a video telephone call gracefully.

Marks out-of 10?


Do you really fulfill once again physically


I wish to.

Olivia on Angus

Just what had been you dreaming about?

To dicuss to individuals aside from my housemate, as well as for my rubbish wifi to remain linked.

Initial thoughts?

All from the was it suddenly hit me I was on a Guardian Blind day in the exact middle of a worldwide pandemic.

What did you discuss?

Corrupt police tigers, our very own kimchi-making housemates, the truth that Angus is known as after a bluish Mini from Aberdeen, and Quidditch.

Any shameful minutes?

When I disappeared for a long time to try and figure out how to make use of Uber consumes.

Good dining table manners?

He was a saint for wishing an hour for my personal food to arrive, while his curry sat when you look at the oven.

How long do you stick to the call?

A good four-hours.

Best thing about Angus?

He was actually fun to talk to, and then he laughed within my jokes (even the distinctive line of responsibility ones, in which he has not seen distinct Duty).

Did you present him towards housemates?

The guy fleetingly met Emily, when she involved assistance with my food buying crisis.

Describe Angus in three terms

Individual, fun and considerate.

Precisely what do you think the guy made from you?

Probably that I’m a touch too enthusiastic about Poirot and should sculpt down the sarcasm.

Any hookup dilemmas?

From the outset, the connection was actually so very bad, i really couldn’t understand such a thing Angus was actually stating.

And… did you exchange figures?

Certainly, so the guy could get my approval on a screenshot selfie.

How did the decision end?

With a conversation on whether we might see each other once again.

Any time you could transform the one thing concerning the evening, what can it is?

That I would figured out just how to get the meal upfront.

Markings regarding 10?


Might you fulfill once more in person


Yep, Angus hasn’t gone to a taproom; which should be fixed.


Self-isolation does not mean you need to end interested in really love, and Blind Date continues with video times. If you’re single and would like to end up being setup (with a takeaway on united states), mail
[email protected]

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